Cooper Saunders

President & CEO

Cooper started WiseGuys after helping his grandfather grow his small business.  He wants every client of WG to be overwhelmed by the passion we bring. 

Andrew Saunders

VP Services

Andrew joined WiseGuys in 2015. He is very knowledgeable on customer relations, and is a huge help to the company. 

Darnell Dixon

Sales Coordinator

Darnell has been an amazing addition to WiseGuys. He has brought a lot of smiles, and laughter to our clients! Most importantly he makes sure the services will fit the clients needs!

Xander Beiersdorf

Marketing Manager

Xander has been a key player in the growth of WiseGuys.  He has two degree's from Oklahoma State University.  His creative mind helps us strive for success in all areas of the marketing industry.

Quinn Godding

Marketing Specialist

We were lucky to add someone with such great skills and experience in the marketing and media industry. He has proven to be a reliable asset and great point of contact for our clients.

WiseGuys is blessed to have the best team out there. They are passionate about helping companies grow, and our clients can feel it! 20 staff members and growing!

The WiseGuys Process

  • We want to make sure you understand exactly how we can grow your business and build up your list of clients. 

  • Every day millions of people go to Google to get information and over half of those searches are local. 

  • These people are looking for a problem or service you can provide!

  • We want YOU to be the one they call.  To do that your business must be one of the first ones that comes up.

  • This is where we come in!


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Kansas City, MO 64108

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