Google Ad Terms Explained

Hearing all the terms that Google throws at you can be daunting. CPC, Optimization score, Impressions, conversions, headlines, it goes on and on! Without knowing a lot of these, it can seem almost impossible to understand what’s happening with your Google ad. We’re going to break down some of these terms to make it a little more manageable.

CPC or Cost Per Click

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, which relates to how you pay for your ads. A popular ad type on Google Ads is a CPC campaign. What happens in a CPC campaign is that you’ll pay for every click on your ad, whether it results in them using your service or not.


Impressions are simply how many people see your ad during the course of your campaign. Generally, the more impressions you have the better. Getting in front of somebody can lead to them storing you away for later in their minds.


Conversions are the action you want a consumer to take because of your ad. This can be as simple as filling out a form or as much as them shopping and buying multiple items on your site. Calls to your business are another big conversion factor that people tend to use. Google will sometimes let you pay by conversion, but you have to be a trusted business that proves you can get conversions from ads.

Optimization score

This is a relatively new feature by Google. Your Optimization score is your ads rating by google on how well Google guesses it performs. This includes budget, ad text, photos, your end website and a few other factors. The Optimization score can be deceiving, however, as Google wants you to put a large budget in, which may not be appropriate for every business.


Headlines on a Google Ad are simply the text that appears as the main line of an Ad. The headlines in this ad are “Google Ads - Official Site | Adwords Is Now Google Ads.” This is often the most important part of an ad, as it is what draws a viewer in.

Display Ads

A display ad is the type of ad you see in the banners on websites, before news articles, and wherever else ads can fit on the internet. Here is Google’s example of some mobile display ads:

As you can see, these are some of the most common ads you’re used to seeing.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of Google’s hundreds of terms, but these are some good ones to get to know. WiseGuys knows how much of a struggle this can be for small and large business owners. Give us a call, and we can walk you through Google’s process and ours!


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