Google My Business Explained

You may think this is a small part of your online presence, but your Google My Business actually matters a lot in terms of local SEO, awareness, and advertising. We’ve had a lot of questions in the past about what makes a successful Google My Business account, so we’re going to break it down.

The first section is your business name and Google reviews. The title of your business should be consistent across the web to make sure that it gives you the local SEO power you want and so customers can recognize your name.

Google reviews are a critical part of your business. Google reviews are how Google judges the credibility of your business. The more stars your business gets, the more trustworthy Google will think your business is. You can manage your Google reviews by responding to them and flagging any ones you think might not be accurate for your business (don’t do this for bad reviews, just for ones you think might not be for your business). It’s good practice to respond to your Google reviews so people know your business is active.

The next section of your GMB is your business information. This section is critical for customers of your business. Your Address and Phone number needs to be 100% correct every place you have it across the web, and written the same. This will allow Google to know that it’s for the same business. Updating your hours for holidays and weekends allows customers to easily know when your business is open, especially on maps. You can set an appointments link (like Calendly) to let customers easily set up meetings with you. This section is something every business needs to have!

The Questions and answers section allows customers to find answers to easily asked questions. This would be a great place to have a FAQ section for your business, to let customers easily find what they’re looking for without having to dig around the web. The Reviews from the web section pulls from sites like Yelp and Manta. Having reviews on these sites is also important, because if you have one star on Yelp, it’ll show up and might make customers think twice. Keep up your good reviews!

The last section of the GMB allows you to post updates. Posting regular updates or information your Google My Business GREATLY increases Local SEO as it shows Google that you’re active. Writing a quick post every month for Google gives you a free way to appear higher in search.

You can attach your social media profiles to your GMB, which is great if you have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc. This can be a helpful part of the sales funnel, by getting customers to follow you and see your content often, which leads to more purchases.

Finally at the bottom, there is a business like you section. You cannot control what pops up here, it is simply Google alerting the viewer that they have other options. While it can be frustrating, Google tries to be as neutral as possible (but that means you’re probably popping up on someone else's as well!)

We hope you now have a better understanding of your Google My Business. As always, if you have any questions, give WiseGuys Digital Marketing a call!


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