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How To Rank High In Local SEO! The Nine Factors.


Unless you’ve somehow missed Google in the last 5 years or so, you have seen listings for local businesses appearing at the top of search results in Google and Google maps. Over the years it has been called several different names. Currently, we refer to it as Google My Business.

Local Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool for business marketing in a certain location or radius. The following facts were discovered by Google after conducting a study on the behavior of local customers.

  • 4 in 5 customers use search engines to find local information.*

  • 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day.*

  • 18% of local searches on a smartphone lead to a purchase within a day.*

*Understanding Customer’s Local Search behavior - May, 2014

Those numbers are truly staggering. If you are a local business owner, this is incredibly valuable information!

Lets dive a bit deeper into how Local SEO works.


Ranking high with local seo is a bit different than traditional SEO. Google’s algorithms look for a different set of indicators to rank the popularity in the local search results.

Lets go over the factors that influence the rank of your business in the Local Listings:

  1. Proximity of the address to the area being searched.

  2. Proper Google My Business category associations.

  3. Quality and authority of inbound links.

  4. Consistency of citations on primary sources.

  5. Domain authority of website.

  6. Product/service in Google My Business title.

  7. Quality and authority of structured citations.

  8. Consistency of citations on Tier 1 citation sources.

  9. Click-through rate from search results.

These are the strongest factors according to MOZ annual Local Search Rankings Factors survey.


To get started, you must first claim, or create, your business on Google My Business. Be as specific as possible when filling out your business information. Google will prompt you through the steps to complete your profile. This is an important step in ranking high in the Local Listings!

Another thing Google My Business will help with is building reviews. Include the link from your Google My Business page on your site, email signatures, flyers, and business cards, prompting your clients to leave reviews. You will see a massive amount of reviews when you make it simple!


Just like traditional SEO, local SEO is constantly changing and getting more complex. To make sure the rank of your business stays high in the search results, use experts that will make sure your Local Listing are in good standing.

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