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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Do you know what successful businesses do that ignites their growth?  They make their business a brand and communicate their message clearly! Does Wal-Mart have better products than any other store out there?  No!  What they did was stand out among the ranks and took what was rightfully theirs, and you can too!  What makes your business special?  If you say you ‘offer the best services’ or ‘have the lowest price’ you are missing the point.  If you get into the price and quality war, no one wins.  When you clearly communicate why you are different, and people know you and your brand, you will be who they think of when they have a problem.  Here are the first steps you must take to develop your business into a brand.  

What is your one-liner?  This could be your elevator pitch, or what you reply with when asked, “what do you do?”  The single most devastating thing you can do as a business owner is reply with “I am a carpenter”.  Right there, you have lost their interest.  Follow these four points to develop your one-liner!

The Character - Who is your target client?  If you are a Pilates class, it would be “Busy Moms”. If you are a residential roofer, it would be “Home Owners”.  People need to realize “That's me!” when they hear your one-liner.  The Problem - Businesses solve problems, so what problem are you solving?  Defining a problem triggers the thought process in the customer’s mind: Yeah, I do struggle with that.  Will your brand be able to help me overcome it?  Soccer moms cope with a busy schedule and have trouble finding time to work out.  A homeowner may have had a leaky roof for months, but has been putting it off. Defining the problem is vital because once you have opened the problem, they will look at you for help to fix it! 

The Plan - You won't be able to spell out your entire plan in your one-liner, but you must hint at it.  In what ways are you going to make this problem go away?  What can you do to make this nagging problem go away forever?  

The Success - This is where you paint a picture of what life could look like after using your product or service.  The homeowner will finally have a roof that won't leak, saving them thousands in repair work in the long run.  The soccer mom will finally be in the shape she has always wanted to be in!  Make sure you paint the picture in their mind of how amazing life will be with your brand!  

So, going back over how to create your one-liner is 

The Character

The Problem

The Plan

The Success

For example:  Instead of ‘I run a gym’, you could say, “We provide busy moms with a short, meaningful workout they can use to stay healthy and have renewed energy!”  

Developing your one-liner will take time, but it will be worth it.  Once you have created your one-liner, have all your team memorize it, and use it everywhere!  Put it on business cards, vans, promotional items, website, social media, email marketing, lead generators; anywhere a potential client might see it!  If you need help creating and implementing your one-liner, give us a call and we be happy to help!  Info@wiseguysdigitalmarketing.com

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