Setting up Marketing Goals for Growth

Updated: Feb 17

This seems like a given, but it’s very important to set up a timeline and what your marketing goals are for it. Digital marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and takes time to grow and develop into a powerhouse that works for you. But how do you know what goals are achievable? A good place to start is to look at your business numbers right now.

If you’re getting 10 calls to your business a month right now, getting 100 in a month is a hard thing to do (unless you make the calls to yourself!) However, getting 15-20 calls in a month? That’s a workable goal. It’s important to also base your expected growth off what advertising mediums you are using. Here at Wiseguys, we use Local SEO, digital advertising, video, and a whole host of other platforms to make sure we are increasing growth for our clients. However, for someone who doesn’t have eight hours a day to devote to marketing, there are definitely things you can do to achieve your goals and still have time in your day! Advertising tends to build over time, so three months in, you might’ve doubled your sales if you started small, or just added a good amount more. The longer you let advertising work for you, the more results it tends to get (though there are obviously exceptions!)

If you understand that it’s a marathon not a race, you can definitely increase calls (or whatever other metric you use!) to your business. Posting a Google Ad could get your two more calls a month, which lead to more jobs, and more business. Once you build on that, next month you could have three calls and so on. A good goal for someone who is sticking their toe in the water would be an extra two calls a month. If it doesn’t work out the first time, that’s okay. Online advertising is a mixture of art and science, sometimes it just plain doesn’t work, and you have to edit some text on an ad, add more budget, or even change an ad’s target audience.

If all this seems a little daunting still, call one of us over here at Wiseguys and we can help you set up good goals for your future! We devote all our time to online advertising, so we have a pretty good idea of what results you can expect!


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