• Cooper Saunders

Top Three Ways To Grow Your Business

What are your main tasks as a business owner? You want to provide products or services that improve people’s lives. You could have the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about you and your product or service, how can you succeed? Obscurity is one of the biggest problems facing new businesses. I know for a fact that Apple doesn't create the best computers, nor is a McDonald's burger the best in the world. But people know about them and their mission.

Here is the catch though, with the emerging importance of digital marketing, you don't have to spend millions of dollars to tell people about you and your brand. Online marketing has leveled the playing field; no matter how big of a marketing budget you have, you still can become a brand people recognize.

Here are the top three ways you can achieve this success.


I know Facebook might not be your favorite thing ever, but it is very important for you the business owner. Millions of people visit the site daily, and that means a lot of potential clients. Do you like word of mouth referrals? Those nice, warm leads that know you, and your services and are ready to buy? Well, Facebook is like word of mouth on steroids, and here is how. Take this example, say you are a kitchen remodeler. You go and redo Susan's kitchen, you do an amazing job and ask her if you can take a few pictures and post it on Facebook. You post the pictures and tag Susan. This means ALL of her friends and family will see this, and in turn, will bring MASSIVE exposure to you, and your business. Don't you wish all of your clients would introduce you to 500 of their closest family and friends, well wish no more!

Top Ranked Local

Imagine: It is 9 pm, you are getting ready for a good night’s rest. You walk downstairs and realize your kitchen sink has overflowed! You can’t shut it off, so what do you do? Hop right on Google and get a plumber there QUICK! That is Top Ranked Local, and it is a money maker for all types of businesses that operate in a certain location. TRL is the little map that pops up under those horrible ads on Google, and about 77% of people click them when in need of service. Be there, and you will dominate whatever industry you are in. Simple as that!


Websites are crucial to your success in today's marketplace. 88% of people visit the website of a business they are considering using. Also, it is the first impression the potential client gets of you and your business. First impressions matter, and if you give the impression that you don't care about your own website, why would I expect you to care about my needs? You must take the time to portray yourself correctly online because if you don’t, you will be missing out!


I know we covered these three topics briefly, but I think you got the point. Online marketing is here to stay and you must take the time to reap the benefits of what it has to offer! I want you and your business to grow like it never has before in 2019, and this is the way to get there!

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