What parts of my website affect where I appear in Google Search?

Often, it can seem almost random where you pop up when people are googling your industry. Somedays you could appear on the first page, and others you’re sent back to the fifth. Google isn’t just deciding where to put you, there’s actually a complex algorithm that analyzes your website (as well as a multitude of other factors, including Local SEO, relevance, and authority, but today, we’re just going to go over the website portion).

Having a relevant website is critical to appearing whenever people are Googling businesses near them. It’s one of the biggest factors that can affect your SEO. An important component that Google looks at to rank you? Keywords.

Say you’re a restaurant in Kansas City. Obviously you have your menu, your hours, maybe even your staff as pages on your website. That’s not enough for Google to know you’re a highly ranking restaurant in Kansas City, especially if you don’t even mention the city! You need to have the words you want to appear on Google search for scattered throughout your site. Now, before you go and start writing “We serve Raviolis” sixty times, just know that it has to be natural. Google knows if you’re just trying to “stuff” your website with keywords to be more relevant and will punish you for it! A good natural way is to have a blog page, where you continuously update about your business and what you’re doing that’s new. This will add a lot of natural keywords to your site. Another good thing to do is make sure you have the places you want to appear on your site. Are you in Olathe? Make sure you mention it throughout your pages, such as “Twenty years serving the Olathe area.” That will let Google know you’re relevant to appear in Olathe.

Another thing Google likes to see on your site are things called “backlinks.” This is where another website links back to you, maybe referencing a blog, or even just as their favorite place to go. Backlinks tell Google that actual people like your business and you’re not some scam. A good way to earn backlinks is an engaging blog section. If you’re writing about things people want to share, then they’ll probably give you a link back to your website when they share it with their site. The bigger and more authoritative the site, the better the link. Walmart.com linking back to you will give your site WAY more trust than Davesblogaboutthingsheloves.com. So, the better and more interesting the pages on your site are, the higher chance you have to get more backlinks.

One of the other important pieces of the website puzzle is Page Loading Speed and Mobile Friendliness. Your website could have all the best info on the internet, but if it takes a minute to load a single page, Google won’t want to rank you highly. This is a harder hurdle to overcome. Having a professional make your website is a good way to make sure it’s as efficient as possible, but if you’re trying to do it yourself, use Wix or another web building site to help you. Since a majority of traffic nowadays is on phones, mobile friendliness is very important. If your website doesn’t fit on a phone screen, then Google won’t bring it up for phones when they search (or just push you back to page 30). Similar to above, professionals can help or a site that specifically designs their websites for mobile can let you make the change fairly easily.

This is a lot to think about. There’s dozens and dozens of things that can go into making your website appear higher or lower, but these are a few of the most important. Seem daunting? Let WiseGuys handle all the stress for you! We can design top ranking websites that will be sure to get you appearing on Google and getting in front of your customers before the competition does! Give us a call to get your Google ranking up and your worries down.



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