What Social Media should I be using for my business?

With so many platforms out there, it can be difficult to decide what accounts you want to make for your business. After all, who knows where your audience might be? In this article, we’ll go over a few of the more popular platforms, what audiences they have, and if they might be a good fit for you. Companies are often unsure of the reasoning to get into social media, if you have a steady referral business, why should you? Referrals are an unsteady business model. You’re never sure when they’re going to stop. Having a strong social media presence allows you build and grow an audience that is interested in you. You can give them special promotions and deals, which will make them brand loyal to you. If you’re an auto body shop that has a strong social media following, you’ll most likely be the first shop that pops into someone’s head when they need their car fixed! Plus, active social media makes you seem like a staple of the community, which lends you trustworthiness online to people who may not be familiar with your brand but are looking for a change.


Instagram is a popular picture sharing platform. Users post a picture or short video, usually with a short caption. There are over 1 billion people who use instagram monthly. The audience is 52% female and 48% male, so it’s a pretty even split. Instagram tends to skew younger with its audience, with 36% being under 24 and and 71% being under 34. So if you’re marketing to a younger audience, Instagram might definitely be in your wheelhouse.

However, the problem with Instagram is if you don’t have a very visually appealing product or exciting graphics, your profile won’t get the attention it deserves. We generally recommend Instagram to businesses who have new and exciting pictures they can post each week. Maybe you get some of your crew members to take cool pictures when they’re at a job, or post a new picture of a cake design every other day. If your account is exciting and looks interesting, you’ll start to see more interactions and grow your audience.


Twitter is known for its quick short blurbs posted by people, as twitter has a character limit on their posts of 280. Many well known brands are incredibly successful at using twitter, including Wendys, Netflix, and Oreos. While those accounts post a large amount of funny content, if you’re a more serious brand, that doesn’t mean twitter isn’t for you! Twitter users love to see an active brand (not spammy mind you, but active) that actually matters to them. There have been multiple twitter accounts who’ve won people’s “follow” by sharing honest, emotional, or informative content! 62% of twitter users are under 35, so twitter has the young audience, while having a little bit more of an expanded audience than Instagram. Twitter is good for brands who want to interact with their audiences a little more, as a lot of brands have been very successful replying to their customers tweets and keeping themselves top of mind. If your business has multiple new things to share per day, like updates people want to see or exciting jobs you’ve done, twitter might be the place for you. If your company has a witty or interesting personality and you think you can post some interesting content regularly that’ll get people talking, whether it’s jokes or impacting stories from clients, twitter might also be worth making an account!


Most people know about good ole Facebook, but there are still some good things to keep on your mind when posting from your business account (yes, you should actually be posting actively from your Facebook account! No one wants to follow a dead account). 61% of Facebook users are under 35 (the lowest we’ve seen yet). So while there is still a large audience of younger users on Facebook, Facebook is one of the best ways to target an older audience as well. Most businesses can have a successful facebook profile if they put some effort into it, as there is an audience for everyone. What we have found to be most successful in the past is one post a day (no more than three or people will unfollow you for posting too much). A livestream one day a week can get you a huge amount of views and new eyes if you have the content for it. Maybe post a livestream of you narrating while you arrange a floral arrangement, or how you can fix an air conditioner and give step by step on how you do it. People like to learn and will even just put it on in the background if you're entertaining and informative enough.


Not everyone might be familiar with Linkedin. It’s primarily a platform where professionals can meet other professionals. It has a very formal atmosphere and tone. Posts are generally in a Facebook format, but people post much less on average than Facebook. You might be thinking, this seems just like a networking platform, how can I use this for my business? Linkedin has been incredibly successful for B2B (business to business) sales and relationships. If you’re marketing to a business, marketing to them on a professional platform appeals to them, they know you mean business. Only 43% of Linkedin is under 35, which means the majority of Linkedin is older and tends to have more roots in their business and other businesses. Businesses who could be successful on Linkedin are ones who have a strong B2B proposition that appeals to other businesses, and doesn’t just look consumer focused. You don’t want to seem too salesy on Linkedin, there should be an even mix of posts with just interesting information in your industry, or news articles that relate to you and your own deals and offerings. If your Linkedin account seems like it’s just there to make sales, and not participate in your community, it may come off as fake. However, if you actively participate and share neutral content, you could gain a whole new avenue of leads you never expected!


This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good start on where you should start growing your social media presence. There are plenty of interesting tactics and things to try, so get out there and become THE name for your industry. As always, if you have ANY questions, feel free to give us a call and we can help you out!








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