The Top Four Things Business Owners do WRONG When Marketing on FB

1. “Boost”

There are several reason to not click “Boost” when promoting your business on Facebook.  A drawback from the “Boost” button would be the lack of control it gives your business when trying to draw in your target demographics. Bringing target demographics to the business owner is one of the major reasons to market on  Facebook in general.  You cannot target the age you’d like to reach, the location your posts will run, or find the people's interested in your service.  From this “Boost” you will see no results, and naturally will turn you off from ever marketing on Facebook again.  Make sure you are marketing to people that actually want to see what your business is promoting.  For example I am a 22 year old male, I do not care about an “all women” yoga class.  To combat this create the ad from scratch in the “ads manager” from your business page.  

2. Not making the advertisement user friendly 

Unfortunately we have all seen posts that look thrown together and improperly designed. Look, in order to get real, effective results you must take the time to make your advertisement look attractive to the eye and mind.  Would you ever put up a billboard, or make a TV commercial that looks lazy and boring? NO, that’s absurd!  Do not do it with your Facebook marketing either!  The first thing I always tell my clients is to create a video! Now, there is a method to my madness.  Videos on Facebook have a 80% impression rate (people viewing it) and less that 1% of people post them, that equals a lot of eyeballs.  A video is a great way for your clientele to get a personable feel on your company, this video should create enough interest that they will want more information. 

3. Clients are unable to connect with you 

Let me give you a senario… the other day I was scrolling on Facebook and saw an advertisement for a Health Clinic where they were offering “Half Off Massages” and I wanted in.  The only problem was I could not figure out how to contact them, no phone number, no website, nothing!  I found myself flustered and decided it wasn't even worth it.  Do not let this happen to you! Make it easy for clients to contact you!  Put your number, email, even your fax number if you have too, anything for them to have a way to contact you.  I do not want to “dig” for information, I want it to be easy and simple.  Put your contact information everywhere!

4. Patience! 

I see this way too much, where a client will run an advertisement for a week and be upset that he or she didn't see a 1000 percent jump in revenue.  Be patient!  You will start to see results, I promise.  I love to ask my now-clients, who have spent money on billboards how much return they got off their billboard. Their responses are all the same, that they have no idea how much business is brought in by this form of dated advertisement.  Make sure you understand that Facebook marketing is so much more effective than a billboard will ever be, you’ll see. There is a reason that the businesses that stick with Facebook, are the ones that see exponential growth!  Let a couple months pass, and you will see results, I promise.

About The Author

Cooper Saunders has been studying the Online Marketplace for years now, and has build a company around what he has learned.  WiseGuys Digital Marketing has been helping all types of businesses grow for about five years now.  If you have any questions email him at